Citrix Receiver 3.4 - Installer

Published by Citrix

About This Package

This is the currently supported Citrix Receiver for use with IUanyWare at Indiana University. Like the receiver deployed the first time you visit, this receiver provides the Windows user will access to the familiar Web interface to IUanyWare. In addition, this receiver may be configured to use the Citrix StoreFront.

Version 3.4 (build 200) is the latest RECOMMENDED version of the Citrix Receiver for use with IUanyWare. While later versions may be available directly from Citrix, they have not been tested with IUanyWare and may contain features not yet supported in our environment.

Installation Notes

This receiver supports the IUanyWare web interface by default. It can also be configured to present the Citrix StoreFront. Learn more about the Citrix StoreFront in IUanyWare.

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