oXygen XML Editor - 14.0 for Windows

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256 MB RAM, 300 MB free disk space


The oXygen installer is contained in oxygen14_0.exe, and the current license key is in oxygen14_license.txt

Installation Notes

To install, download and run the installer (oxygen14_0.exe). When you first start the application, you will be prompted with a license registration dialog. Copy and paste all of the text from the file oxygen14_license.txt into the box, and click OK. If you do not see the license registration dialog when you first start Oxygen, choose "Register" from the Help menu.

To install the license key for use by all users on a given computer, save it to the file C:\Program Files\Oxygen XML Editor 14\lib\licensekey.txt

Note that the current license is valid through September 13, 2014. An updated license will be made available through IUware upon IU's renewal of its site license for oXygen.

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